Lions, Tigers & Bears! Oh My!

I love sewing plushies! They are so much fun to make. Every time I sew plushies my inner child comes out to play. I find it very soothing and rewarding when I complete a sewing project.

I wanted to share all of the cute plushies that I have made in the past few years using Funky Friends Factory and Sew Desu Ne? sewing patterns. Their patterns are excellent and easy to follow. I purchased other patterns from wonderful plushie designers but I’ve been busy doing other projects that I haven’t tried sewing them yet, but once I do, I will definitely share.


This was my first lion that I made. One of my co-workers wanted this lion for her grand-baby. I added an embroidered foot and collar to personalize it for her.

My aunt wanted me to make this little guy for her grand-baby. As you can see, my cousin’s school colors are red and black and the mascot was a lion. Isn’t he adorable?!

I had a customer, on my Etsy shop, that requested this custom lion. This lion was a fun one because I had to cut the fabric a certain way so that it can be as symmetrical as I can get it. It was a challenge but I did it!

~Pattern made by Funky Friends Factory.



Using the lion pattern, I made these precious wild cats. All I had to do was not sew a mane and TADA! You have yourself tigers and a leopard. You gotta love multi use patterns. Don’t worry, I found good loving homes for them.

~Pattern made by Funky Friends Factory.


ROAR! These guys will eat you if you don’t hurry up and cuddle with them! I made one of these guys for my nephew who is obsessed with dinosaurs and the others I made for co-workers and their grand-kids.

~Pattern made by Funky Friends Factory.



This elephant won’t forget to snuggle! About 2 years ago, my co-worker had his first child and it was a baby boy! His wife chose an elephant theme for the nursery.

~Pattern made by Funky Friends Factory.


Unleash the Kraken! Don’t let him devour you with love and affection. Same co-worker I made the elephant for, had another baby boy a few months ago. This time the nursery theme was Nautical, so I made this handsome plushie.

~Pattern made by Sew Desu Ne?


Found out my former boss was having a baby girl! The best part was both her and her husband work for a company that has a griffin as a logo. Now they have a new little baby griffin addition. Adorable!

~Pattern made by Sew Desu Ne?

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  1. Wow. There’s so many and they’re all adorable! I love the lion the most. IT makes me want to give plushies a go. If only I didn’t have so many other things to do!

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