Invasion of the Penguins!

I didn’t want to post this before 2016 Christmas since I didn’t want my family members to know what I made for them. So here is my belated post…

I love to make Christmas gifts for my family! It was only a few years ago I started making gifts for certain family members, like sewing a jacket for my mom or making non-sew blankets for my parent-in-laws. In 2015, I took my sewing and crafting to another level by making 25+ similar gifts to handout to family members. My creations were a big hit that year; I made stockings with Christmas designs using my embroidery machine, quilted styrofoam ornaments, and scented candles. I had a blast making all of them! (hmmm…I might consider creating DIY posts on how to make those items… you will just have to wait and see.🤔😉)

I wanted to challenge myself even more and try to top myself from 2015 year. Of course, I procrastinated on figuring out what I wanted to make for Christmas so I had to rush a little bit to make everything. After contemplating with my husband, I decided to create professional looking snow globes (you can see my DIY Snow Globe Tutorial), sew adorable Penguins (using Teacuplion pattern) and cute Christmas pins (my mom showed me how to make a Santa pin and then we both designed and created a snowman, penguin and Reindeer pins when she came to visit me before Christmas).

The penguins I sewed turned out to be so adorable and everyone that received a penguin fell in love with them. I will tell you a little secret, I literally didn’t finish making like 25 penguins until the day before Christmas! I had all of the machine sewing and polyfil stuffing done before hubby and I drove up 10 hours to where his side of the family was living. All I had left to do was hand-sew beaks to the penguins. Well, since we drove up about 4 days before Christmas, I thought I would have some down time to secretly sew beaks onto the penguins. Wrong! Lol. I was able to get a few sewn each night, but lucky for me my hubby gets so anxious and excited about handing out Christmas presents early (meaning opening a few presents each day we were there), that I was able to work on the leftover penguins the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

Last minute sewing = Not all 25 Penguins in picture


It’s the Invasion of the Penguins!!!

Update: Now available on my Etsy Shop:

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