Sweet Baby Fox

A friend of mine just had a baby girl about six days ago. A week before the baby’s due date, my friend’s mother asked me if I could possibly sew a pink and gray fox since the theme of the nursery was foxes and the colors are pink and gray. Makes sense. I told her I would start making the cute and adorable fox once the baby is born so I can personalize it by machine embroidering the baby’s name and birth date on the fox. This adds a nice and special touch to the baby gift.

I wanted to get ahead and gather all the materials that I needed to make the fox. In doing so I realized after looking through all of my plush patterns I have I didn’t have a single fox pattern. Oh no! This means I need to search online for a fox plush sewing pattern. I ended up finding two fox patterns that I liked from two different plush pattern designers I occasionally shop at: Teacup Lion and Funky Friends Factory. I love both of the patterns so to help me choose I sent the links of the patterns to my friend’s mother. In a way, it was good that my friend’s mother had choices to choose from so she can get exactly what she wants. She ended up choosing the pattern from Funky Friends Factory since the fox looked similar to the themed items that she and my friend bought for the nursery. Perfect.

I’ve learned over the past few years that when I do any type of sewing project I need to stretch out or pace myself over a few days. I love sewing but sometimes I can get stressed out or feel overwhelmed when doing a project.Most of the time I would try to complete everything all in one day which leads to rushing and making a lot of mistakes. The most common mistake I make when rushing is sewing pattern pieces the wrong way. Dreadful. At this point I would have to use a seam ripper to rip out all those tiny stitches I just sewed and then re-sew the pieces together the correct way. This can become super straining when you do this multiple times in a sitting.

To avoid some mishaps and agony I came up with a plan. First day I would mark and cut out the fabric pieces from the pattern and if I need to do any machine embroidering I would do it this day too. Second day (or final day for some sewing projects) I sew all or most of the fabric pieces together. Final day I would finish any sewing that is needed and if I am sewing a plush, I would stuff the plush and hand sew the openings close. Depending on how small or big the sewing project might be I would end up combining or adding days.

By following my plan from above, I started the project Friday night after work and ended up finishing the fox Sunday morning. Yeah! The best part was, I made zero mistakes when creating this fox. Woohoo! Which is a first for me! I normally make minor mistakes here or there, but this time was not the case. I guess my plan to take my time and not rush paid off. Go me!

I know, I know, you probably want to see how the Sweet Baby Fox turned out. Here you have it, pictures of the Fox:


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