Beautiful Creations with Small Beads

I wanted to share some beautiful pieces of jewelry I made with tiny seed beads. Weaving these small beads can come with many frustrations and mistakes but once completed, you have amazing and stunning pieces of art. There is an endless amount of creativity that comes with jewelry making. You can start out with drawing and designing up a plan of attack to start your jewelry making process or you can just let the creative juices flow as you randomly select and choose your materials. I usually choose the random option but for bigger projects I do tend to at least sketch out the design I’m aiming for. Helps keep me on track and also to verify I have enough material to complete the project. Don’t want to run out near the end and find out I can’t get anymore of that type or color bead. That would be devistating.

Here are some samples of earrings I made on the whim. No planding involved. I picked out some Swarvoski rivoli crystals and randomly selected different types of beads that would complement the color crystal I picked out. From there I just let my creativity take over.


Here are some examples of planned beading projects I made.

These were easier to execute with some designing and planning. I also wanted to make sure I had enough beads to complete the above projects or at least had a means to order more if needed. Most of the beads I buy are on sale and eventually are unavailable to buy later on. I try my best to stock up every so often but now I’ve cut back on buying more beads until I start using up some of my stash. It is so hard not to buy beautiful beads that I see walking in a craft store or online, but I’ve learned to control myself a little. I promised my hubby that I would only buy needles, thread, or items that are necessary to complete a beading project and once I run low on my bead stash I will stock up a little bit. We shall see how long I can last avoiding the temptation to buy beads. Lol. Time will only tell.

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