Adorable Husky/Wolf Plush

One of my favorite plush designers, Sew Desu Ne?, is conducting a Monthly Crafting Challenge (MCC) Send-Off Sewing Contest. On her blog, you could submit a photo of a sewing project you make with one of her patterns and earn that current month free pattern. She announced about a month ago that she is no longer conducting the MCC Challenges so she decided to end it with a big Sewing Contest that you can compete with others to win prizes/patterns.

For this challenge I decided to use her Werewolf pattern to make a Husky/Wolf out of it. I had to alter the pattern a little bit to get the look of a husky/wolf and this was my first attempt at altering a pattern, so I was proud of myself with how it turned out.

Update: Husky/Wolf is now available on My Etsy Shop:

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