Gray Fox Sewn with Faux Fur

One of my favorite plushie designers, Teacup Lion, has a very cute standing fox pattern that I bought back in November 2016. I finally had a chance to make this adorable fox, but what material was I going to use to make it out of? Hmm… oh I know! When my mom came to visit me around Christmas she bought me this soft gray and black faux fur minky fabrics as some of my Christmas gifts. These fabrics would make any plushie look very realistic. This was the perfect fabric choices to make the fox out of. I also used white minky fabric for the bottom face, under body and tip of tail that I had in my stash of fabrics in my Craftroom. To even make it look cuter I designed and made machine embroidery patch eyes that I sewed on to give it nice little touch.

Here is the final result:


The Gray Fox turned out great and it is so soft and cuddly. Very adorable.

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