Couch Fiasco

When hubby and I moved into our new home at the end of 2015, we realized we didn’t have much furnishings to fill the empty spaces and rooms. We went from a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, living room, kitchen, and sunroom rental house to a 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, living room, family room, kitchen, and formal dinning room house. Both of us knew it can take us a few years before the house gets fully furnished they way we would like, since it took us about 2 or 3 years to furnish the rental house. This also means getting rid of some furniture that might not fit in very well to the new house layout.

Last year around July, Hubby and I talked about buying a pull-out bed couch to place in his office space for when we have extra guest over. We have a bedroom that is the designated guest bedroom but sometimes we might end up with more family members visiting and there would be no place for them to sleep except on an old mattress we had stored away. We wanted to get rid of this old mattress so we decided to look at different options for a pull-out bed couch at different furniture stores.

We looked at many selections for a pull-out couch but most of them were really disappointing. Some stores that offered couches with an option for a pull-out bed feature didn’t have a single display couch to show us how they are built and what they look like. Why would I want to buy a pull-out couch without being able to test it or feel how comfortable it is? I want to be able to assess it before I make any purchase so I know that I am making a good decision. I don’t want buyers remorse or get stuck with a bad product.

This went on for a couple of months until hubby found a furniture store that offered everything we were looking for. The store was La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery and they had plenty of couches to choose from and a few of the couches had the pull-out beds installed to test out. Awesome!

We took a look at the La-Z-Boy Kennedy couch with a pull-out bed with a comfortable mattress and a strong built frame. I liked the look and color of the couch since it was tan but I rather have a different color couch. The room that we are going to place the couch has beige walls and gray carpet. The room needs some color but nothing that is too in your face. Tan in my opinion would blend in too much but it will work for what we need it for. Lucky for us the store was having a 25% off sale entire purchase so the couch was on sale. Perfect! Even better the sales associate found one Kennedy that was in a blue color that happen to be in the warehouse from a customer that cancelled the special order before receiving it. She showed us the fabric swatch and it was the perfect color. This was the color that we needed to add in the space.

Kennedy pull-out bed couch

Delivery was quick and we were so happy with the couch selection. This couch looked so amazing that we looked at our old couch in the living room and contiplated on buying a new couch to replace it. So…

In September, hubby and I decided to buy a new couch. There wasn’t really anything wrong with our old couch, just that we had it for 6 years and where I sat on it kind of slumps a little. The reason why it slumps, as hubby would state it, I can be a little rough on things. I plop down every time I sit down in my spot so over the years it began to slump down. It was still comfy though. The other reason why we wanted to buy a new couch is hubby wants to be able to layout on the couch and relax. The couch had cup holders between some of the couch sections so it really doesn’t give you any room to stretch out and lay down. You basically have to curl up in a half ball and it was not comfortable to fall asleep on. Trust me I have tried a few times it really sucks.

Old couch in new house. You probably can figure out quickly which section was my spot on the couch. You can also see there is not much room to layout and fall asleep.

The old couch really didn’t quite workout for the layout in our new house so we were ready to go couch shopping again. Hubby really wanted to buy a high end couch with real leather and could last 15 or more years. I think he also wanted to get a couch that can withstand my roughness. Instead of going to the furniture outlet stores that we normally shop in our local area like Haynes Furniture or Ashley Furniture, he wanted to go back to La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery. They had great quality furniture that was built to last but comes at a higher cost compared to other furniture stores. We had a great experience when we bought the pull-out bed couch, so we thought we would go to them again.

We took a trip back to La-Z-Boy. Hubby and I looked around and we spoke to a very nice sales associate. I have to say the sales associates are very patient and they don’t pressure you at all while you are looking around. Big plus. We saw a few pieces that we liked but hubby wanted a couch with a high back and had comfortable seating. He took a quick look online on the La-Z-Boy website and found a couch called the Spectator. Hubby loved the look of the couch and saw the great reviews so he asked the associate if they had a sample couch. Unfortunately they no longer display the Spectator in their showroom but they still sell it in their system.

I really wanted to test the couch out but they let us sit on a couch that was similar to the Spectator but the only real difference was the couch didn’t have the high backs. We liked how comfortable this couch was and if the Spectator was similar, I was open to buying something without really testing it out. I know, so not me to buy something without testing it out but hubby really wanted to get the Spectator especially after we found out it was very popular and mostly placed in theater rooms. I just hope nothing goes wrong and that we don’t hate it.

Now that we chose the couch we wanted next was selecting the type of material and color we wanted. We were both set on leather so that narrowed down our search options. Next was selecting a color. Since I like the blue color of the pull-out couch we bought before, I really wanted a similar color for this new couch too. When looking through their samples they only had two blue color options. One was a deep color blue that was leather and the other was a teal/blue color that was something they called Renew leather. Renew leather, what is that? The associate told us that it is created using recycled scrap leather and mimics the look and feel of leather while helping protect the environment. I liked the color a lot and it was cheaper than real leather. Hubby and I were convinced so we ordered the Spectator in the teal/blue color Renew  leather.  

Later that night Hubby did some research on this Renew material. What he found out shocked him and pissed him off. Apparently this material is more like vinyl and after about 5 years this material starts to degrade, peal and fall apart. When he saw the reviews and pictures of other customers that bought couches with this material he immediately called the La-Z-Boy store and told them that we are cancelling this order and we want to go with the blue color authentic leather instead of the Renew™ leather. Lucky for us, we were able to cancel the special order within three days of ordering without any penalty.

We went back to the store the next day and had them order the Spectator with the deep blue color authentic leather. This leather, after hours of research, had great reviews and last a very long time. The associate had us sign paper work and informed us that the special order will take about 4 to 6 weeks to make so we should have it before the holidays come around. Sweet. It would be great to have a new couch for everyone to have a place to sit while visiting us for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

When 4 weeks went by, I decided to donate the old couch to the Salvation Army. I wanted to make sure we got rid of the old couch at a decent time to make room for the new couch that was soon to come, at least that is what we thought…

Another 3 weeks went by and it is was the first week of November. Hubby and I haven’t received a single phone call about our couch. This is strange. They told us it would take 4 to 6 weeks to make and we are at 7 weeks since purchasing the couch so they should have received the couch in their warehouse by now. Hubby called the furniture store and when the store manager looked in the system she informed us that the couch is scheduled to be finished on January 16th, 2017.  What!? The manager was baffled too since she knew when we ordered the couch. She told us she was going to email the factory to find out what was going on and find out why the date is set for January.

We found out a few days later that the reason the date was set for January was because the color leather we choose was on back order so they have to wait for more to come in and color match to build our couch. Well that sucks. What are we suppose to do now? We have family coming for Thanksgiving in a few weeks. Where are they going to sit now that I got rid of the old couch? Hubby and I weren’t happy but we both kept our cool and asked the manager if we could possibly get a loaner couch until we get our couch. Not too much to ask since we did get promised it would be here before the holidays and we no longer owned the old couch.

The manger was very understanding but she had to talk to the General Manager to see what they can do for us. The General Manager came over to us and explained to us that he has to contact the District Manager to see if she can authorize a loaner couch. He was unable to authorize it because the District Manager is the only one that can approve an outstanding balance on an item to be delivered to a customer’s house. If we were to get a loaner couch the store would attach the couch to our account and will display it as not paid therefore an outstanding balance.

After a couple of days, the General Manager contacted us back with an answer. The District Manager agreed to let us receive a loaner couch from the the store’s showroom and authorized the paperwork for Delivery with an outstanding balance. All we had to do is sign paperwork that we agree to not damage the couch and return in the condition it was delivered or be have to pay for their loses. Reasonable. We set the date for delivery a week before Thanksgiving. Awesome right?

Day of delivery. Hubby and I were super excited and prepared to receive our loaner couch. It really sucked not having a couch to sit on the past few weeks. You don’t realize how much you miss something until you no longer have it. It is 5:00 pm and we haven’t received our loaner couch. Our delivery window was between 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, what is going on? We called the store and the manager apologized to us. Apparently the District Manager was new to the system and didn’t make sure to set the delivery to pick up the loaner couch from the store showroom vice the warehouse. So when the delivery drivers went to the warehouse and didn’t see the couch there they had to void the delivery. Really? Come on. They could of at least called us earlier to let us know what happened instead of us waiting hours after our delivery window and for us to call them and find out what it going on. All I have to say is communication goes a long way. If they would have called right when they found out about this issue I would have been fine but since we had to call and find out what was going on, now I am frustrated.

We had to set the delivery date for after Thanksgiving now since that was the earliest we could schedule and for the District Manager to re-approve the delivery. That means no where for our family to sit on while they visit. Well technically we do have plenty of outdoor fold out chairs that we can use to sit on temporarily. This will be a very interesting Thanksgiving, not to mention it is our first one that hubby and I are hosting. This will be a great story to tell every year with family and friends.

Attempt number two for delivery of loaner couch. Delivery was scheduled to come between 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm which was great since I work somewhere around 6:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday. I was so excited to go home today to receive the loaner couch that I told my co-workers that I am finally going to get something comfortable to sit on when I watch TV in the living room. I should have kept my mouth shut because I received a phone call from the La-Z-Boy delivery driver at 1:00 pm. Oh no, that’s not a good sign.

“Good Afternoon Ma’am. I am the delivery driver for La-Z-Boy and I should be at your house in about 15 minutes to deliver your couch.”

“Huh?! I am scheduled to have my couch delivered between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm not 1:00 pm. I am at work right now and I can’t leave until 2:30 pm,” I mentioned to the delivery driver while trying really hard not to sound angry and frustrated.

“Ma’am you are my last stop for the day. I will not be able to deliver your couch during the 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm time frame. If you are unable to be there you can refuse the delivery and speak with the store to reschedule for another day,” the delivery driver explained to me.

“I guess I don’t have any choice but to refuse delivery,” I hesitated to reply.

“I’m sorry Ma’am. You have a wonderful day,” delivery driver said and hung up the phone.

I will try to have a wonderful but now that I am not getting the loaner couch today I don’t think so. I called the store and explained to them what happened. They apologized to me and set the new delivery date for Saturday, December 17th. Hopefully this time I will get the couch expecially since my mom is flying in that night to be here for my birthday, December 18th. Cross fingers everyone.

The next day, I received a phone call from the La-Z-Boy store manager. Great, what now? This really can’t be good if they are calling me a day after I scheduled my new delivery date.

“Good morning. I just wanted to let you know that the person who set up your delivery didn’t verify that there were openings. Unfortunately,  we will be unable to deliver it on Saturday, December 17th, but we do have openings for Sunday the 18th,” the store manager sweetly said.

“You deliver on Sundays?” I questioned. I’m thinking to myself if they could deliver on Sundays why couldn’t they set it up like that before a few weeks ago?

“Yes we do offer it on Sundays only around the busy holidays so we can be more open for deliveries. Would you like me to set it up for Sunday the 18th?” She asked.

“Works for me,” I agreed. I was contemplating if I should inform her that the delivery was going to be set on my birthday and they should consider not messing it up this time, but I opted out. I don’t want to jinx it.

Delivery attempt number three for loaner couch. It is my awesome 27th  birthday. I am now a year older and wiser. Hopefully with my additional year of age I will be able to stay patient and calm about this couch fiasco. I plee to the universe to just let my birthday go smoothly and peacefully to include a nice couch to sit on. I don’t ask for much, but just let me have this one thing. I miss having a couch! Ding dong! Are my ears deceiving me? Was that the door bell that just rang? Ding dong! Yes, it was the door that just rang. My loaner couch is finally here!

The delivery guys were super quick and friendly. They set the couch in the living room right in front of the TV. Ah yes, a couch to sit on. Oh how I missed this. I immediately plopped down on the nice comfortable burgundy leather couch. I felt like I was sitting on clouds. Thank you universe, this is the best birthday gift I could ever ask for from you. At least for now, who knows what the future holds.

Picture I took at the store of the burgundy color leather loaner couch.

Week of January 16th, I received a good phone call from the store manager. She informed me that the factory is shipping our couch to their warehouse. Yes! She also mentioned that once they receive the couch sometime in the next week they should be able to set my delivery date. I tried so hard not to jump for joy at that moment since I didn’t want to get my hopes up until I actually see and touch the couch in my living room.

We scheduled the couch to be delivered on Friday, February 3rd since hubby was planning on taking the day off. This way someone would available to accept the delivery no matter what time they arrive. We don’t want a repeat of what happened with the loaner couch. We also asked the manager if we could possibly buy the loaner couch from them for a reasonable price. The loaner couch was very comfortable and would fit nicely in a nook area in our master bedroom. I don’t like the color too much but for a good price I am willing to ignore the color. The store manager had to get a hold of the District Manager to see if she would approve a lower price.

We heard back quickly from the store manager and she informed us that the District Manager would not go any lower then the half off price it was already at. Really? Not even a little bit to account for all of the trouble we went through? We were very patient and respectful during this whole shebang. Oh well, their loss. We were trying to make it a little easier on them by purchasing it so they don’t have to try and sale it again.  I don’t want to push the issue, all I want is to get my couch that I paid for. No point in trying to fight for a couch I didn’t really like in the first place. Simple as that.

Day of delivery. Our delivery was set to arrive between 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, so there could be a possibility for me to see the couch being delivered after I get off work. Hubby was there just in case it comes early. Lucky for me, the couch arrived at 3:00 pm! Awesome! One of the delivery guys was the same one who delivered the loaner couch so he knew about picking up the loaner. He also did a wonderfully job laying out the couch and making sure we were satisfied of the placement. He even help give us suggestions to optimize our space and making sure we still have full function of the couch. Amazing service.

Blue leather Spectator couch. Beautiful.
Couch with pillows I made. Check out my DIY Envelope Pillow Case tutorial.

I’m a happy camper. The blue leather couch looks amazing in the room don’t you think? I even included a photo with the DIY envelope pillows I made for it. Adds a nice touch with a good pop of color and design for the space. Not to mention the couch is so comfortable and easy to fall asleep on. This makes hubby happy since he can now layout anywhere on the couch that he couldn’t do on the old one. I like the fact that I can push the back piece back without engaging the foot rest. He claims that I can have my spot, which is the one with a cup holder on the right when you face the couch, and every where else on the couch is his. LOL. He is silly, but I love him.

I’m ecstatic that we made the decision to buy the couch but not pleased with the whole special order process. There is nothing wrong with the new couch just that they should have better communication and explain to customers that sometimes orders can take longer then 4 to 6 weeks. I probably will still shop at the La-Z-Boy store but I will stay clear of special ordering something and stick with stocked items. Who knows, I could possibly change my mind. Anything can happen from now til then, but in this moment I’m going to sit back, relax and enjoy a show.

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