Pack of Colorful Wolves

A month ago I made a gray husky/wolf for a sewing contest ran by Sew Desu Ne? I modified her werewolf pattern to make it resemble a husky/wolf. I loved how it turned out but this time around I wanted to try something a little different so I choose different colors and I used my embroidery machine to create the eyes, nose, and paw prints vice hand sewing fabric.

It took me a few hours to create the embroidery eyes, nose, and paw prints using the embroidery creator program. When creating the embroidery files the most important part I had to consider was making sure everything was in the correct size and lined up perfectly to fit well on the sewing pattern pieces. It was tedious work. I had almost 5 different drafts before I finally got one that worked out perfectly.

Here is the final result with the embroidery eyes, nose, and paw prints.


All of them together.

You can see the difference it makes with embroidery eyes, nose, and paw prints. The gray one is still cute but the others have that extra cuteness factor. The eyes are just adorable looking, don’t you think?

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