Plush Pup

Dog Plush

Someone noticed the lovely stuff animals I’ve been sewing lately and they challenged me to make one that looked like their pup. I love challenges so I agreed to create a plush pup. I spent a good few days trying to come up with a good pattern that will look more like a dog. I would say the most difficult part of creating the pup was the snout and legs, but I was able to hash it out the way I thought would look great on paper. Next step was cutting the fabric and sewing it together. I normally would have sewn it together with muslin fabric first before sewing with the more expensive fabric to make sure it will come out correctly but I felt like taking a risk this time around. My risk paid off. The plush pup turned out better then I thought it would. Woohoo! Here are pictures of the final result:


IMG_1686IMG_1687Dog PlushIMG_1690

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