Custom Husky Plush

The past couple of weeks I’ve been super busy creating some awesome, cute and adorable custom husky / wolf plushies. The first one I made with soft white minky fabric. To add a nice professional look I machine embroidered the nose, eyes and paw prints. Those bright light blue eyes are just stunning.

The second wolf I custom made is all white with dashing yellow eyes. Adorable!

This last husky I created is by far my favorite one. Someone wanted me to make a plush that resembled her husky, Neo. She never asked anyone to custom make a plush of her precious adorable husky Neo before, so I took on this challenge.  I spent a lot of time drafting up pattern pieces that closely match Neo’s markings. When I finished, I was shocked and proud of myself how well it turned out. The only thing left was getting the approval by the owner.

My number one fear when custom making something is that the person requesting it will hate it. I don’t mind remaking something, but the fear  still lingers. Lucky for me, the owner loved the custom Neo husky. Yay! Below is the picture of Neo and the Neo plush.

Almost forgot. I wanted to add a nice touch to this custom husky by making a detachable blue collar that said Neo’s name on it. Isn’t it cute?

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