Cerberus: The Mythical Three Headed Creature

I received a special request to sew one of Sew Desu Ne’s patterns, Cerberus. Luckily for the requester I bought the Cerberus pattern back in September last year when it first came out on Sew Desu Ne’s Etsy shop. I’ve been waiting for the right time to make one just like all the other patterns I have collected over time. Due to the special request I bumped it up to the top of the list of plushies to make. Hehe. BTW, I have over 30 plushies on my list that I want to make. So many! AAAHHH!!

I was unsure what color scheme I wanted to go with for this mythical three-headed creature but I was thinking a dark gray would look cute. I asked the requester what color she would be interested in and guess what she said? Dark gray! I guess great minds think alike. Hehe.

I dusted off the virtual cobwebs off the Cerberus sewing pattern and went straight to work. I spent the first day cutting my pattern pieces out and then the second day I sewed and stuffed the plush. Here is how the Cerberus turned out:


Cute and cuddly!

I showed the requester this adorable three-headed dog and she was overjoyed. I even mentioned to her that I might make a different color Cerberus, like a brown one so I can offer more options. She suggested to me I should make an Albino Cerberus, in which she would also be interested in that one too. What a great idea! Back to work I went.

Here is the Albino Cerberus:

Here is the Brown Cerberus:

Oh my goodness, my creativity is in hyperdrive now. I have so many ideas flowing through my head right now, like should I make a three-headed black lab version? Or maybe a golden retriever version? Wait, how about a three-headed husky version? So many ideas! What should I do? Have any suggestions? You can comment below if you like.

Thanks for stopping by!

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