How to Train Your Dragon: Night & Light Fury Plushies

How to Train Your Dragon Night Fury Plush & Light Fury Plush kissing

My older sister loves How to Train Your Dragon movies. Her favorite character is Toothless (known as a Night Fury Dragon). When I discovered that there was going to be a third How to Train Your Dragon movie with a new character, Light Fury, I knew I had to make a plushie for her. Actually, I need to make two plushies. I was planning to make her Toothless for her Birthday present, but with me traveling for work I haven’t had the time. I’m making it up to her by creating Night and Light Fury dragons as a belated birthday present and an early Christmas present. 😉

At first, I thought I could easily find a Toothless pattern in a laying position that I had imagined in my head. Come to find out, that was not the case. Most are standing or in weird positions that I was not really interested in. The patterns didn’t intrigue my interest at all. Don’t get me wrong the patterns were cute and awesome but they didn’t fit with my imagination. I wanted something different. The next thing I could think is to look through patterns I already have and see if I can modify them to fit the creation I am imagining.

I found it! One of my favorite Plushie designers, Sew Desu Ne?, made a Kirin sewing pattern about a year ago (April 2017).

Sew Desu Ne’s Kirin Sewing Pattern (I was approved by Choly Knight [Sew Desu Ne?] to post her photo above).

This is the laying down pattern I had imagined! All I have to do is create the tail, ears, horns/spikes and the eyes for the dragons. I also found in my search that the wings on Sew Desu Ne’s free Night Fury Pattern were wonderful. Hehe. No point in making my own wing pattern when there is already a great pattern already made (plus it is the right size too).

Sew Desu Ne’s Night Fury Pattern (I was approved by Choly Knight [Sew Desu Ne?] to post her photo above).

Aren’t those Fury Dragon wings adorable? I definitely think so! Hehe.

I have to say that Sew Desu Ne’s amazing patterns have inspired me to test my boundaries of creativity and also to design my own patterns (as of now just making small items or accents to add to existing patterns). I have also grown as a sewer too because of the patterns she creates and the helpful tips she includes in each pattern. The best part is she offers a variety of free patterns on her website (here) and she sells some awesome designs for a very reasonable low price on her Etsy store (here). You should definitely take a look if you enjoy sewing or creating plushies.

You want to see how the Night and Light Fury Dragons turned out?

How to Train Your Dragon Night Fury and Light Fury Plush
How to Train Your Dragon Night Fury Plush & Light Fury Plush kissing
Light Fury Plush
Night Fury Plush with detachable tail
Night Fury Plush with detachable tail

***UPDATE 6/23/18***

I realized that I made a mistake with the Light Fury Plush. 🙁 My first Light Fury had too many spikes/nubs on her. I decided to make another Light Fury plush that represents her better. Here she is below:

How to Train Your Dragon.Light Fury Plush

If you are interested in having a night or light fury for yourself, you can take a look at my current stock in my Shop or visit my Etsy shop. If you want a custom item, you can request through my Contact page.

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  1. Can you make one and give away and sell some I really want a how to train your dragon light fury teddy

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