How to Train Your Dragon: Stormfly Plushie

I received a special request to create a Stormfly dragon plush from How to Train Your Dragon movie. It is very fitting since I did make a night and light fury dragon plushies a few months ago. Plus, I love dragons so creating Stormfly was a definite must for me. Hehe.

I love sewing and creating, but the hardest part is figuring out if I need to make my sewing pattern or use an existing model to form the plush. For the Stormfly plush, it was hard to find good patterns that fit my vision of how I wanted the plush to look. I know with the night and light fury dragon plushies I used Sew Desu Ne’s Kirin pattern as a base and used the wings from her night fury pattern to help create the plushie look I wanted, which was in a laying down position. Unfortunately, the laying down position, in my mind, would not work very well for a Stormfly plushie. Stormfly has hind legs and wings as arms while night and light fury has front and back legs and wings. Trust me; it would look weird. Here are sketches I drew so you can see what I saw if I was to use the same pattern for Stormfly:

I know my drawings aren’t the best, but they do help me visualize. I like taking pictures of finished plushies I made, or I will screenshot a picture on my phone of a finished plushie from a pattern that I might want to buy or already have purchased so I can sketch on top of it with details or change colors to make sure it will look good. Most of the time I find the perfect pattern that will work, but there are times when I sketch it doesn’t seem right, so I search for another pattern. If I can’t find any patterns that I can modify, then I start designing my own sewing pattern. Why make a new pattern and spend so much time making it while someone else has created a pattern that will work? Right? Of course, I give credit to the designer of the pattern and link to their website and/or shop where you can buy the pattern.

After searching through patterns I have on hand, I found the perfect pattern! I decided to use Sew Desu Ne’s Floppy Dragon Plush pattern.

I received permission from Sew Desu Ne to post her Floppy Dragon Photo on my blog post.

I saw the pictures of the different Floppy Dragons, and I just knew it had the shape/style I was looking for to make the Stormfly dragon plush. Here is a sketch I created to see if it would indeed work:

Yes, perfect! Now to sewing, well after I modified the pattern a little bit to make the desired look I want. Hehe.

Want to see how Stormfly turned out? Of course, you do! Here you go:


If you do decide to make your own dragon using Sew Desu Ne’s Floppy pattern, note that I did not add poly pellets for weights since I decided to hand sew the legs to be in the standing position I liked. When I initially finished it, the floppy dragon didn’t suit well for the look I was going for. The floppy look might look good for a different dragon but not Stormfly, in my opinion. Btw, Sew Desu Ne offers many patterns that are fantastic! She provides various types of free patterns on her website, here, plus she also sells some patterns on her Etsy shop, here. I have almost all her patterns since they are constructed beautifully. She is an amazing plushie designer!

Thanks for stopping by!

Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like making your own plushie, I definitely can. 😉

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