Custom Fox Plush

I had the opportunity to create an adorable custom fox plush for someone. Instead of the usual burnt orange and black color or gray and black color I use for my foxes, they wanted a brown, light blue and tan color fox. They also requested the eyes to be like my werewolf/husky plush. Easy peasy.

I drew a mockup to make sure they would like the color choices. Using my excellent Note 8 phone and stylest, I was able to sketch on top of my burnt orange fox picture on my phone to visually show them what the custom fox would look like. Here is the sketch:

They approved the design! Off to sewing, I went.

The hardest part about making this fox was aligning the wolf eyes for the fox. Don’t want it too high or too low or else it will make the fox look weird. After making a few adjustments, I was able to get everything aligned the way I wanted.

If you are wondering, I use Teacuplion’s Fox sewing pattern to make this fox. You can get it here if you want to make your cute fox. 😁

Do you want to see how the fox turned out?

Custom Fox Plush


I loved how this custom fox turned out. I am inspired to create different types of foxes, like sewing a variety of colors or variations. Hehe. We shall see, it all depends on how much time I will have.

Thanks for stopping by!

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