How to Train Your Dragon: Standing Night & Light Fury Plushies

I had a special request to create a standing Night and Light fury plushie. I originally made laying down Night and Light Fury plush, here. I loved how both of those plushies came out! I knew one day I wanted to try to make a standing version, but I wasn’t sure when I would do it. Until now. ๐Ÿ˜

I really had to get my thinking cap out. How did I want to make the standing version? Is there a pattern already in existence that I can use for the body? I knew I was going to stick with the same head style as the laying down Night and Light Fury plushies… Just like before, I combed through all the patterns I have to see what I can find. No point making a new pattern if there is another pattern out there I can modify to make the desired look I want. Makes sense, right?

After I searched through all the patterns I had, I found the perfect pattern I can modify to create the standing body shape I wanted for Night and Light Fury. Remember the Reindeer I made last year for Christmas for my family, here, I used that body. (Reindeer Pattern was made by Patchlins, you can get the pattern here if you like it.) This pattern was perfect, well not the length of the legs though… I made a Light Fury with the original leg length and it didn’t look right to me. My husband liked it, but I had to make another one with shorter legs to make sure. Guess what, I loved the shorter one better. Hehe. Husband, on the other hand, still liked the taller Light Fury. I even had to send pictures to my older sister who loves How to Train Your Dragon to see which one she likes better. Here are the pictures I sent:

Guess which one she choose?

She loved the shorter one. Hehe. Win for me. ๐Ÿ˜

Let me know what you think, shorter or taller version better?

I did not make a tall version of Night Fury, since I liked the short version more.

Here are pictures of the standing Night and Light Fury Dragons:

So cute!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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