Two-Headed Dragon Plush: Barf and Belch

I made a two-headed dragon, specifically Barf and Belch from How to Train Your Dragon. When I took on the challenge to create the two-headed dragon for someone, I had no idea how I was going to make it. I must have searched everywhere to find a pattern that can assist me with making a two headed dragon. To my surprise, there was nothing… That means I need to figure it out on my own.

Just like how I made the Standing Night and Light Fury Dragon Plushies here, I modified Patchlins Reindeer pattern for the body and modified SewDesuNe floppy dragon pattern for the head to create this two-headed dragon. Designing the split in the neck for the two heads was a slight challenge, I had to visually look at other two-headed dragon plushies to get an idea. I took a chance and I modified the body pattern by splitting the neck and extending it in length and width. Next I cut two square pieces of fabric and used that for the inner neck. I sewed everything and tweeked as I sewed and tada it came out better than I thought. Haha. I am making it sound so easy, but in reality it took a few tries before I got the two headed neck to look right.

I have to mention, some of my creativity credit goes to the wonderful people that request custom plushies, it really pushes the boundaries of my skills. Without request or challenges, I do not know if my creative mind would take me to some of the final plushies I create. Thank you!

Want to see how the dragon turned out? Below are photos of the finished Two-Headed Dragon plush:

Barf and Belch Plush
Barf and Belch Plush

Want your own Two-Headed Dragon? You can either request one through my Contact page or you can visit my Etsy Shop.

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