Custom Washable Face masks

I could not have imagined years ago that my fabric hoarding will soon payoff. Seems like every year I purchase some type of fabric I see when browsing the fabric store. I can’t help but to grab some cool printed fabrics.

Now with the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone needs face masks to help protect themselves from potentially getting affected. Plus, many states have mandated that people must wear masks when out in public, especially if you can’t maintain social distancing of 6 feet.

I was hesitant at first to make face masks, but I started out making a few for my husband, since he is essential personnel at work. I made three different styles for securing the masks, such as ties, elastic around ears or elastoc around head. Plus, in order to prevent fogging when wearing protective glasses or glasses in general, I sew a metal nose piece on the masks so you can adjust/form it to the bridge of your nose for security.

My husband was so kind to model different mask styles for me.

As you can see from my above picture, I made options for four different sizes for everyone to choose from and displayed how the three different securing styles I offer for the face masks look. By the way, when the pandemic first broke out, it was difficult to find elastic! I had quite a bit of elastic stashed away over the years, but I did end up ordering elastic on ebay that took a couple of weeks to arrive. I wanted to make sure I had enough on hand to make masks for people.

Below are the fabrics I have hoarded over the years, that I ended up numbering to make it easier for everyone to order and select their fabric choices:

I know, I have a lot of fabric choices… these are only the cotton fabrics that I have. I literally have a variety of other types of fabric in my craftroom. You can say, my craftroom is like a mini sewing and craft store…

Here are some example of face masks I have made the past month:

Face Masks
Face mask

I am currently still making face masks, so if you are interested in purchasing your own custom face mask(s), you can contact me on my Facebook page, Etsy Shop or order right here from my shop website.

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