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I am so excited to share and post about some Bulbasaur Inspired plushies I made. I am estatic that Choly Knight, Sew Desu Ne, was so kind to create a free bulbasaur sewing and embroidery pattern. When I saw her post of this pattern on her website, I had to make some bulbasaur inspired plushies and create some of my own designs.

Before I show the different Bulbasaur designs, here is the Bulbasaur plush I made:

Regular Bulbasaur Plush

Cute, right?!

Bulbasaur Inspired Plush Collection

When Sew Desu Ne relased the sewing embroidery pattern she made an alternative design to make for the fall season / halloween. When you think of fall, pumpkins tend to come to mind, well at least for me, not sure about everyone else. Anyways, I had to make a pumpkin bulbasaur inspired plush next. 

Pumpkin Inspired Bulbasaur Plush

What do you all think of this cutie? Adorable, right!?

Sunflower Sunshine

I could not stop at Pumpkin inspired Bulbasaur Plush, I had to design my own inspirational Bulba. With the timeline being around fall when the sewing and embroidery pattern came out, I thought designing a Sunflower inspired bulbasaur plush would be the cutest thing ever. 

Sunflower Inspired Bulbasaur

Isn’t the sunflower bulbasaur the cutest thing ever?!

Thank you for stopping by!

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