About Me

I love to sew, craft, bead, create, and play with my fur babies! I’m super talkative in person (trust me, just ask anyone who knows me), but for some reason I do not talk as much on the Internet… weird I know. My goal is to share my creative fun side and inspire everyone around the world. I do have a full time job that interferes a little bit with me creating anything (since I do have to travel a bit) but I try really hard to make it work. 😉

2 Comments on “About Me

  1. Christina, when you were in Ultimate Sewing Place for machine classes a few weeks ago, several of us mentioned we would be visiting your site to purchase. I’m going to place order for Pokemon plushies on your website today. But 2 others are interested in purchasing reindeer soon (as opposed to waiting until the end of this year). Can you please advise when you might be able to have 2 reindeer available for purchase. Thanks. Paulette


    • Hey! Nice hearing from you. I just want to let you know I have to go on travel for work starting tomorrow (2/12/18) and I won’t be back until 3/2/18. I can have two reindeer done when I return in March and when do you need your Pokemon plushies done by since I might be able to get them done tonight and send them in the mail when I reach my destination for work. Also, my email is sewcraftnbead@gmail.com if you woukd to email me.


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