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Mushroom Bat Plush

Mushroom Bat Plushies

How the Mushroom Bat Plush came to life and the various custom options you can select when ordering a Mushroom Bat Plush on my Etsy Shop.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bat Plush

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bat Plush

Pink Strawberry Bat Plush and Giveaway

I was completely shocked that my adorable pink strawberry bat plush took social media by storm! A lovely customer posted about my pink strawberry bat on Twitter linking to my Etsy shop, and boom! People were sharing and liking it. See here: I… Continue Reading “Pink Strawberry Bat Plush and Giveaway”

Custom Washable Face masks

Face masks I made during COVID-19 pandemic

Two-Headed Dragon Plush: Barf and Belch

Two-Headed Dragon Plush I made.

Custom Plush Characters: Zombie, Werewolf and Alien

Custom Zombie, Werewolf and Alien Plushies

Custom Zombie, Werewolf and Alien book characters made into plushies

How To Train Your Dragon: Baby Night Light Fury Dragon Plushies

Baby Night Light Fury Dragon Plushies I made.

Lemon Fox Custom Plush

I had the opportunity to create an adorable custom fox plushie. A mother wanted to give her daughter a custom plushie for her birthday. Her daughter drew a picture of her character “Lemon Fox.” Drawing by Lemon Fox Studio, you can see here Instagram… Continue Reading “Lemon Fox Custom Plush”

Polar Christmas: Plushie Style

The army of Polar Bears I made for family for Christmas.

How to Train Your Dragon: Standing Night & Light Fury Plushies

Standing Night and Light Fury Plushies I created.

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