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Sitting Fox Plushie

I’ve been on travel so much this year that I usually have a short amount of time I am home. I am so busy that I thought I published this post the other month but I guess I forgot to hit the actual publish… Continue Reading “Sitting Fox Plushie”

Jacksonville Adventures

Jacksonville trip #2. More places to visit.

Sea Turtle Plush Pillow

Sea Turtle plush pillow I made for a friend.

Drawing to a Custom Plush

During my time back home for two weeks, I recieved a special request. A grandmother wanted to give her granddaughter something unique and meaningful for her birthday. She sent me a picture of a drawing that her granddaughter created. The drawing was of a… Continue Reading “Drawing to a Custom Plush”

Sunny Jacksonville

Top Gulf Pulled Pork Sliders and Tator Tots

Places I visited while on travel for work in Jacksonville, Florida.

Master Bathroom Remodel

Steps and experience with remodeling my master bathroom.

My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

My top five goals for 2018.

Reindeer Christmas

Made adorable Reindeer plushies to give to family for Christmas.

Christmas in July

Starting early to create handmade gifts for Christmas.

DIY Small Animal Hammock Sewing Tutorial

DIY Small Animal Hammock

Create your own large sleeping hammock for small animals.

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