Tag: Embroidery

Custom Fox Plush

Custom color fox plush I made.

Small Projects: Embroidering & Hemming

Embroidering numbers on baseball caps and hemming jeans with original hem.

Traveling & Sewing

I cheer for both Cowboys and Jaguars

I had the chance to sew and embroider while I was on travel for work.

Butterfly Bracelet Part 1

Beading a butterfly bracelet while on travel. Part 1.

Ferret & Husky Plush Key Chains!

I’ve been contemplating for a while now on how I can use my embroidery program to its fullest potential and create more embroidery designs. I mostly use my embroidery program to create the adorable eyes you see on the plushies I create. I really… Continue Reading “Ferret & Husky Plush Key Chains!”

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