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Inspired Plush Stuffed Animals

I am so excited to share and post about some Bulbasaur Inspired plushies I made. I am estatic that Choly Knight, Sew Desu Ne, was so kind to create a free bulbasaur sewing and embroidery pattern. When I saw her post of this pattern… Continue Reading “Inspired Plush Stuffed Animals”

Mushroom Bat Plush

Mushroom Bat Plushies

How the Mushroom Bat Plush came to life and the various custom options you can select when ordering a Mushroom Bat Plush on my Etsy Shop.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bat Plush

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bat Plush

Pink Strawberry Bat Plush and Giveaway

I was completely shocked that my adorable pink strawberry bat plush took social media by storm! A lovely customer posted about my pink strawberry bat on Twitter linking to my Etsy shop, and boom! People were sharing and liking it. See here: https://t.co/PSeWU9oCOh I… Continue Reading “Pink Strawberry Bat Plush and Giveaway”

Two-Headed Dragon Plush: Barf and Belch

Two-Headed Dragon Plush I made.

How To Train Your Dragon: Baby Night Light Fury Dragon Plushies

Baby Night Light Fury Dragon Plushies I made.

Lemon Fox Custom Plush

I had the opportunity to create an adorable custom fox plushie. A mother wanted to give her daughter a custom plushie for her birthday. Her daughter drew a picture of her character “Lemon Fox.” Drawing by Lemon Fox Studio, you can see here Instagram… Continue Reading “Lemon Fox Custom Plush”

Polar Christmas: Plushie Style

The army of Polar Bears I made for family for Christmas.

How to Train Your Dragon: Standing Night & Light Fury Plushies

Standing Night and Light Fury Plushies I created.

Custom Fox Plush

Custom color fox plush I made.

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