Preparation for a Crafty Christmas

This year for Christmas I wanted to attempt to make my own holiday decorations. Everytime I drive down my neighborhood I see almost everyone has a wreath hanging on their door, lights strung up, or various types of Christmas decorations on their trees and/or lawns. Some of my neighbors even have some nice decorations hanging in their windows or on their mail boxes. Sadly, the only thing I have for holiday decorations for the outside of my house are two inflatables. I have a cute 4 ft penguin holding a candy cane and a handsome 4 ft snowman inflatables that hubby and I sat on top of the two rocking chairs on the front porch.


There is nothing wrong with just having inflatables as Christmas decorations for outside, but I’m a crafter, why have I not created anything to decorate the outside of my house? Oh silly me, it is probably because I’m always busy making beautiful and awesome Christmas presents for my family during this time of year. I love making gifts for my family and receiving handmade gifts because I believe it is very thoughtful, sweet and personal. Mystery solved for no outside holiday decorations, but this year I am going to change that.

Luckily for me, my mom, also a crafter like me, is visiting me this year for a few days before Christmas. You know what that means? She and I are going to be crafting and creating stuff like crazy while she is visiting! Fun! I have no excuse not to make some holiday decorations now.

Only problem is I need to buy materials to prepare for this crafting adventure with my mom. Time to swing by the local craft store, which for me is Michael’s, to pick up supplies. I will have to confess, I had no plan of what I was going to make or supplies I needed. It’s a craft store, I told myself, you can draw inspiration every where you walk. Ha, except for one thing, it is a week and a half before Christmas and the store is running crazy sales on Christmas items so most of the Christmas stuff is gone. Ugh. I will have to make due with what they have in the store, this is where my creativity goes into overdrive.

As I walked around the craft store, I was grabbing almost every variety of Christmas stems and flowers they had left. I snatched the last two plain wreaths, couple of boxes of decorative ornaments, clear blank ornaments, ribbon/trim, glitter and a lot of other random stuff. I wish I took a picture of my shopping cart, because it was completely full plus more!

I almost forgot to mention, my husband, bless his soul, stayed in the car the whole time I was in the craft store. After about an hour and a half of me being in there, he decided to come rescue me. Lol. Lucky for him I was actually in the check out line when he came inside the store. When my hubby saw my cart, his face was priceless. I can tell from his surprised half smile expression he was thinking, “Wow! That is way too much stuff. What are you going to do with all of that crafty stuff?” I might have gone a little over board, okay… way over board, but now I have plenty of options to choose from when crafting with my mom. If I end up with left overs, I can use it next year, right?

Hubby is very supportive of my hobbies and he knew he couldn’t talk me out of down sizing my cart, especially when there is going to be a second crafter at the house here in a few days. He was happy that I was happy, what is that saying? Oh yes: Happy wife happy life. Lol.

I can’t wait for my mom to visit! This will be a great Crafty Christmas!!

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