Standing Fox Plush

I think I’m on a fox craze. I made this standing gray fox about a year ago (here) and I just recently made this sitting fox (here). I have a little bit of time at home before I travel again for work so I figured I should combine the two foxes by using the colors from my recent fox and use the standing fox pattern, like I used to make the gray fox, to create this fox below:

I used TeacupLion’s Fox pattern to create this fox.

So adorable!

If you are curious, here are the pictures of the standing gray fox and the sitting fox plushies I made:


Warning: Don’t be surprised if I create another type of fox in the near future. *whispers* I think I might use Soapy Bacon’s In-the-Hoop Fox embroidery pattern to make mini fox plushies. Hehe.

Thanks for stopping by!

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